Moments of Bliss

Moments of Bliss

by Lois Joy

Have you ever experienced a moment in which time itself seems to stop, and you drift into another world driven more by your senses than your  thoughts?  It could have occurred in that half-asleep state when you're lying outside on your back looking up at the sky, the sun warming your skin, caressed by a gentle breeze.  You become lost to the wonder of cloud formations making  animals in the sky--just as you did when you were a child--with all the time in the world.

Webster defines bliss as "complete happiness, paradise, heaven."

The thesaurus provides synonyms such as ecstasy, joy, rapture, exhilaration, and transport.  Yes, sometimes, while traveling, it seems we are indeed transported to another world.

In our travels, Gunter and I have encountered many moments of  bliss, some of them due to the awesome beauty of nature, and some triggered by  the state of our minds at the time.

We would like to share our moments with you in this column,  and would like to hear about your moments of bliss as well.  Please submit  by clicking the  button here or e-mailing me .  You may submit your moments with or without photos, with or without your name.  If you choose to leave your name, we'll--of course--credit you in this  column.

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